Reporter Can Barely Contain Herself After Her Cats Start Fighting In The Middle Of A Live Broadcast


There is no script when it comes to live television. Anything can happen anywhere. The risk is highest when the live reporting is taking place at a reporter’s home.

Even though the reporter knows completely well that it’s a serious thing, her pets or children may not be aware. In this case, something similar happened.

Filipino journalist Doris Bigornia was conducting a live interview on TV. She was going about it as usual when her cats decided to make the interview much more interesting.

The cats’ mischief turned into a viral video. Nala and Bella started an instant fight while their hooman was busy with her work. They got captured in the video and now it has become viral on the internet.

Nikki, Doris’ daughter, said,

I’m 28 years old, born and raised in the Philippines, daughter of Philippine journalist Doris Bigornia. I work in the mass media communication unit of a private company,” she explained, “and I am a certified animal lover!

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The video was shared on Twitter, to which Doris replied,

CHILDREN!!!! There is law in the studio!!!!

Nikki shared that their cats have been a part of her mother’s show since the time she began working from home. Apparently, Doris’ studio is one of the cat’s napping place.

Nikki was monitoring the live show when the sudden fight broke. She had no clue how to manage the big fight going on between her cats, that too live on TV.

This often happens when you are living with cats. Not everything is under your control.

Watch the video here!

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Just look at these cats in the video. They don’t care if their fight is broadcasted. Cats always focus on one thing at a time and give it their best. Or maybe these cats did this on purpose to get everyone’s attention. We know cats can go to any extent to get people’s attention.

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