Rescue Cat Gets Mad When His Mom Goes Outside Without Him


Kira Pierson and her cat Marcus became friends instantly after the kitty was adopted. Kira adopted the kitty from Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio and gave him a furrever home.

Pierson said,

He has completely changed my life.I never had a pet before him and he’s made me into an animal lover.

Marcus is a playful and curious cat. He is into some or the other adventure everyday and makes it so much wonderful for Pierson. He is totally stubborn and nobody can stop him from doing what he wants. Pierson said,

He’s super playful but is very particular on when he wants to play. When he doesn’t want to play he’ll walk away and lay down across the room from me.

Staring out the window, eating, sleeping and roaming around are some his favorite activities. Kira got a leash and harness for the kitty so that she could take him out.

Marcus has a special catio all for himself to spend time outdoors. The kitty always tries to spend more and more time outside.

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However, one day Kira had to paint her front door, so she left the kitty at home.

Marcus didn’t like being left indoors by his hooman. The little kitty came up with a plan to tell his hooman about it.

Pierson then noticed that her cat was glaring at her through the blinds. The sight was totally hilarious. The kitty’s expressions were totally aggressive.

Kira decided to let her kitty out. But after three minutes of staring, Marcus went to do his own stuff. Even though Marcus left, we are pretty sure he will hold a grudge against his hooman for doing this to him.

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