Rescued Black Cat Resembles A Spider


A three-legged feral cat was rescued from a trap and taken to a rural shelter by someone. The pregnant cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, however, the shelter did not have the means to take care of them.

There was no proper heating system in the shelter and the staff was worried about the kittens’ health. The shelter then contacted Ana’s Angels, a rescue group for animals in Florida. The rescue group readily agreed to take the feral cat and her new born kittens.

After their arrival to Florida, Tracy Pitsci became the new foster mom of the kittens. However, there was something unusual about one of the kittens. This little kitten was named Aries by Tracy. Unfortunately, there was some issue with Aries’ legs and they were twisted completely. Tracy said,

They were completely bent up against his stomach. You could tell the joints were not facing the correct direction. We knew he would have a long road ahead if he made it, but we believed he could.

The little kitten could not walk properly and scooted her way around the playpen using his backside. Tracy took the little kitten to a vet who tried binding Aries’ back legs with the help of medical tape in order to strengthen them.

Aries looked different from the other kittens. His twisted legs made him look like a spider. When the kittens were big enough for adoption, Tracy began looking for their new homes. However, she fell in love with Aries and decided to keep him with her.

Tracy also took in Diana, Aries’ mom. Now the feral cat and his little son Aries stay happily with Tracy and her family. Even though Aries has difficulty walking and jumping around, his family is always there to support him.

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