Research Suggests Black And White Cats Are The Ones With The Most Attitude


Cats have been ruling the world since ages. Many people think that this couldn’t be true. But cats take every important decision for their hoomans even when they don’t know this. The felines are a personality punch and they have the most attitude as well. It is known as cattitude.

Cats are not afraid of anything and they can do as they like. The main reason behind why cats do what they want to do is because they don’t care about the opinions of the others. All cats do is follow their hearts even when they know that their actions might land their hoomans into some trouble.

But some people often wonder who among the cats have the most attitudes. Research shows that the black and white cats are the ones with the most attitude.  So if you are the proud owner of a tuxedo cat, you must already be aware how sassy these cats are.

Tuxedo cats are known for their cattitude. These felines are full of cattitude and are also well known for it. The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science has also published a study on this in order to throw a new light on reality.

It is also scientifically proved that the temperament of a cat and the color of its coat are linked. This theory was developed by the scientists that the color of the coat of a cat will directly affect its temperament. More than twelve hundred cat owners were a part of this survey. They were asked to fill a questionnaire as a part of this survey.

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The questions involved interaction with cats on everyday basis. The cat owners were then asked to rate the behavior of their cats on an ‘aggression scale’. The results found came across as astonishing to the researchers.

After analyzing the list, it was found that black and white cats top the list. Among the black and white cats also, the ones with the tuxedo patterns have even more attitude. After the cats with tuxedo, comes the ones whose fur is tortoiseshell with white. They are the most aggressive ones.

The next who come in the line are the gray and white ones. These cats were a little disappointed to be included in the list. The solid black cats, on the contrary, are the sweetest cats. Solid gray cats are also in the list of sweet cats.

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