Robert The Cat’s Owner Tweets His Shenanigans That Accurately Depicts Life With Cats


Cats rule the world and we all know it. Even if some of you don’t, cat hoomans definitely believe that felines are the real kings and queens. We are with the story of a kitty named Robert who has to handle all the issues in his hooman’s life.

The kitty has now taken up the challenge of teaching his hooman mom some cat-pathy. This is an art of doing things that make your cats happy. Here are some tweets that Robert’s hooman mom shared. Let’s have a glimpse into Robert’s life and how he is teaching his hooman to be good to him.

#1 “What do you mean priceless? Is that how you see me? I need to find a new hooman who knows my worth!”

#2 “My hooman has a habit of giving me weird compliments. I don’t get it!”

#3 “Who is Jenny? Should I get worried? Are you replacing me? Nobody can replace me.”

#4 That look says it all. Robert’s hooman should stop making him look stupid.

#5 “Every time my hooman tries to make me happy, she end up doing one thing or the other wrong. When will she learn?”

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#6 We wonder what Robert’s hooman has to say to this. Will she replace the papers with some blankets?

#7 “I don’t need your advice. Leave me alone.”

#8 “As if I don’t have any other things to do. These humans have no respect for my time.”

#9 “What do you mean by hypnotize? Are we playing some game? I don’t know the rules, but I am ready.”

#10 “At the end, cats have to take care of everything. Humans are good for nothing.”

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