Say Hi To Kitzia, The New Grumpy Cat That Beats Her Late Predecessor On The Grumpiness Scale


Say Hi to the cat who forever looks like she’s in a mood and is in the race for the late Grumpy Cat’s position. Kitzia, meaning ‘kitty’, boasts over 44.9k followers on her Instagram page and carries a solid grumpy feline look!

Kitzia lives in Florida with her Ukrainian hooman Viktoriia Otdielnova. Viktoriia, a professional photographer by profession, has lived in the United States for the past six years. She has used her photography skills to bring people’s attention to her super-grump cat Kitzia!

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Social media users are taking a liking to Kitzia’s photos. Some find the photos priceless while others commented that the cat has a female dog face, if you know what we mean!

However, that’s just how Kitzia’s face is and there’s nothing she can change about it. Truth be told, she’s a sweet and gentle catto who enjoys play-time with her owner. But just as any other pet, she throws temper tantrums which go really well with the permanent scowl.



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Vikktoria created an Instagram page for Kitzia a little over 2 years ago in April of 2018. Kitzia’s first photo has 821 likes. Vikktoria writes that in spite of Kitzia’s grumpy look, she’s a very friendly catto!

Kitzia’s owner Vikktoria carries great passion for photography ever since her childhood days. For her, photography goes beyond my job and being a hobby – she calls it her calling.

“It brings me so much joy creating memories that last forever. Photography is a part of me, of who I am,” reads Vikktoria’s on website.

“It is my endless source of energy,” adds Vikktoria. It’s no wonder that Kitzia is a friendly and fun kitty, despite what her resting face suggests, given that her owner is such a passionate and energetic woman!





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