Scientists Claim You Can Spark Your Love Life By Looking At Cute Photos – So We Bring You Some Sparklers


If you, for some odd reason, ever needed a reason to look at adorable pictures of doggos and cattos, well, we finally have one that is scientist-recommended. A group of experts at the University of Florida conducted a study and the results suggest that people in romantic relationships who look at adorable photos in each other’s company are generally more satisfied with their marital life. So, call for your partner as you scroll through some of the cutest pet pictures anywhere on the internet.

#1 The kitten with the biggest ears you’ll ever have seen

#2 A therapy dog at heart, he does this every time his hooman gets audibly frustrated

#3 This is probably the 100001th time that cats have proven to be liquid

#4 If you feel true love does not exist, this picture is for you

#5 “We’ll be using the sink for a couple of hours; hope you won’t be needing it.”

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#6 What to do when you sense trouble:

#7 Have you ever dreamt about that Cirque du Soleil casting?

#8 Made my Ophelia a little flower crown, and she’s owning it!

#9 Hey there, could I interest you in a sausage?

#10 How is he so darn fluffy?!

#11 Corgis and tiny socks are a recipe for instant cuteness overload

#12 Meet Nala, who managed to frighten us because we couldn’t find her around the house

#13 Have you seen a picture that could make you feel as warm on the inside as this one?

#14 My mother keeping me posted on our cat’s misadventures as I am away at college

#15 It’s this cutie’s first day at his new home

#16 A chill picture of my dog Coconut, as he impersonates sarcasm

#17 “Hey, I am Panda. I opened my eyes for the first time today.”

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