Scientists Reveal Coronavirus Can Affect Cats


Researchers in China have revealed that not only can cats get infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 but can also spread it to other cats, while dogs on the other hand are not that susceptible to the virus. The Harbin Veterinary Research Institute team also explained that pigs, dugs, and chickens are also unlikely to be affected by the virus.

Other scientists have expressed that while these findings are noteworthy, cat owners should not panic just yet. The lab experiments on which these results are based involved a small number of animals that were knowingly given a high dose of the virus. These in no way represent real-life interactions that pets and their owners have, explains Linda Said, a virologist at the Ohio State University in Wooster.

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With the virus quickly spreading across the world, people have expressed concerns as to how their pets will be affected by the virus and will their infection be transmitted to their human owners. So far, very few pets have been infected. Two dogs in Hong Kong and a cat in Belgium.

While it remains to be seen how the virus will affect our kitties, we sure hope that the research comes out in their favor. After all, we wouldn’t want our kitties to be infected with some nasty Chinese virus.

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