10 Signs That Prove Your Cat Can See Ghosts


Cats were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as Gods, and they believed cats had spiritual importance. They considered cats to be a sacred species with extraterrestrial powers.

Some myths suggest that felines are able to walk in and out of the spirit world whenever they so please.

How true is all of this? Can cats actually see ghosts?

Well, here are things to watch out for…

#1 Out of the blue flat ears and poofy tail

You’re lying on the sofa watching Netflix. Suddenly, a chill runs down your spine. You look over to find your cat doing this:

Aha, your cat is looking at a ghost!

#2 They stare aimlessly at the corner of the ceiling

Have you ever seen, as you lie on your bed, that your cat randomly perked up and began staring at the ceiling in your room? Pretty much all the time, eh?

Totally a ghost.

#3 A loud thump at night, but your cat is sitting beside you

We are used to hearing thumps in a cat household, it’s probably the cat doing something cat-like, right? But then you remember, Fluffy is curled up right next to you and is now staring into the dark hallway.

The cat is watching as the ghost messes up with your stuff.

#4 A sudden disappearance and reappearance of your cat

One second, your cat walks into the room, and the next, poof! He’s gone.

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You looked everywhere, but he’s nowhere to be found. Maybe he found the portal into the ghost dimension. But don’t you worry, shake some treats and your cat will appear in front of you!

#5 Hissing and growling at an invisible being

You’re watching the walking dead, and your cat suddenly hisses, or worse, growls, at something behind you!

You get goosebumps! Is it a ghost?

Well, ask your cat!

If you like these pictures, here are some more pictures of spooky cats…






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