Sleeping with your cat is better than sleeping with a guy, science says


All the cat owners need not stress about being single. You have your cat to cuddle with every night and need not go to bed alone.  Studies show that sleeping with your cat is way better than sleeping with a guy. Here are all the reasons.

#1 Cats love to snuggle next to you as much as you do. Cats may end up snuggling at the top of your head. But as long as they are with you, everything is pawsome.

#2 A research at Canisius College, Buffalo, New York shows that women who sleep next to their cats have the best night sleep as compared to those who sleep next to their partner. When science says it, everyone must believe.

#3 Cat owners feel safe and secure when sleeping next to their cats. Cats are sneaky and react quickly. So no one can ever attack you in your sleep.

By now you must know the benefits of sleeping with a cat. So if you have been neglecting your cat, you better start paying more attention to it. Otherwise, it is your loss only. Choose wisely when it comes to sleeping with your cat and your partner. After knowing this, you will definitely make the right choice.

#4 Human partners are more disruptive than cats. They make no noise and don’t snore. So there you go, you will automatically have a good sleep.

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#5 There are always added advantages of sleeping next to cats. You will never need an alarm clock to get up on time. Cats will wake you up and that too early in the morning. Felines ensure that their humans get a good sleep, but never let them oversleep.

#6 Studies also show that sleeping next to your furry friend reduces stress level and makes you feel happier. There couldn’t be a better advantage of sleeping next to your cats in today’s stressful times.

Try it for yourself and see the results. Cat owners may already know this. The rest of you should definitely try this out.

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