Split-Colored Cat Father’s Two Kitties – One of Each Color


Narnia, the cat, had conquered their pawrents’ hearts in 2018 when he was a little kitty furball with a unique feature. The kitty with blue eyes had a split-face with two colors – gray and black.

Stephanie Jiminez, Narnia’s owner comments that she was quite shocked when Narnia was born and she realized at that moment that the kitty is exceptional! However, the kitty has grown up fast and become the heartthrob of Stephanie’s family, and more importantly, a father.

Narnia has fathered two cute kitties, each being of the color taken from either side of their father’s face. The newborn siblings, who have been named Phoenix (gray) and Prada (black) have certainly gone halfsies on deriving the looks from their father. The kitties have quickly become a sensation on the internet as well.

#1 Narnia has become an internet sensation with his split-colored face


#3 Narnia is now a father to these adorable kitties of each color taken from Narnia

Stephanie, a professional cat breeder, highlights that this is not the first time that Narnia has become a parent. In the past, Narnia has fathered several kittens, all of which had varying colors. She also highlighted that it’s a rare occurrence for a cat to be fully colored and also have blue eyes.



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It is noteworthy that unlike Phoenix and Prada, Narnia’s other kittens inherited these awesome blue eyes. In addition, Stephanie expects that Narnia will again become a father as soon as the end of this month.





Even though Narnia was born in France, she now lives in England. She was previously though to one of those rare Chimera cats. However, Stephanie later revealed that she got her tested and that is not the case.

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