Stray Cat Crashes Fashion Show To Give Models Ramp Walking Lessons


Cats have a lot of means to entertain themselves. They hang out at weird places and go on solo trips for their own amusement. But one kitty decided to take up modelling. Well, this is written in all seriousness. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself.

Felines are super talented and we don’t doubt that. As adorable as they are, cats have now taken up modelling. One curious kitty decided to try this option when she was getting bored. Also, this turned out to be a great way to get everyone’s attention. We all know that cats are huge attention seekers and they go to any extent for it.

This kitty has got the right formula to get everyone’s attention. Any cat who is not getting enough attention, please try this out.

The kitty got her very first opportunity at the Esmod International Fashion Show held in Istanbul.

Who dares to notice fashionable clothes when you can adore a cat!

Nobody can walk past an adorable cat. This is way too rude. You need to learn how to respect cats.

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It’s showtime now! “Let me give these so-called models some lessons in ramp walking.”

Even though the cat was an intruder, she got everyone’s hearts within minutes. No one cared looking at the models after that.

On being asked if the kitty could do well in the fashion industry, one model replied that cats can definitely do well.

Watch the video here!

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Cats never fail to amuse us. These sneaky creatures are capable of anything and everything.

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