Stray Kitten Interrupts Live Newscast, Meowing for Help


Cats can go to any extent when it comes to getting everyone’s attention. One little stray kitty chose to walk in on a live television report to successfully get what she wanted.

Have a look at this tiny uninvited guest!

Nima Shaffe, a reporter at WXYZ, was busy with his daily morning live shot when this sneaky creature chose to interrupt. Well, this kitty’s agenda is definitely more important than crashing the show. The crew tried their best to focus on the news, but the kitty’s meowing wouldn’t stop.

The little fur ball kept on running around the set disturbing everyone. But the crew didn’t mind the beautiful interruption. Who has the heart to say no to such an adorable kitty! After running and meowing around the set, the fur ball finally got everyone’s attention. The kitty got the spotlight that she deserved.

The kitty was all by herself and got the entire crew’s heart instantly. Seeing the kitty alone, the news crew just couldn’t simply sit back and watch. They had to do something to help the sneaky fur ball. Talking about the kitty, reporter Nima Shaffe said,

Not only is he vocal. seems to like expensive cars.

The crew soon caught the kitty and called for help. Shaffe was happy to introduce their little uninvited guest to the anchors.

Watch the video of Shaffe introducing the kitty to the anchors here!

The kitty was lucky enough to get a tour in the van. However, she decided to do some inspection of the equipment while she was at it. Well, you can’t help a cat with that. They always get to do what they want.

The little playful kitty was taken in by Humane Society of Huron Valley. The society will find a forever home for the stray cat.

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