Stray Siamese Cat Found On The Street With A Note On Her Collar


A stray Siamese cat named Violet was found with a note around her collar in Illinois. After the animal rescuers took the cat to the Effingham County Animal Shelter, they realized that Violet was not always a stray cat.

After reading the note, the rescuers realized that Violet has a heart-breaking past.

The note read:

Bye Violet. I think that name chose you. I wish I could keep you. Bye Violet, I hope you get a good owner. To owner: Please take good care of her. By the way, I named her. Thank you! Love, Lacey.

As per the appearance of the note it seemed that it was written by a child. The paper was filled by a purple marker scrawl. The child has plead to find a good owner and home for the little kitty. It was really sad to read the child’s plea. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

At the shelter, an animal control officer Vanessa Skavlem said,

When we pulled it off and read it, it just tugs at your heartstrings, I just envision some child loving this thing, and knowing that they can’t keep it.

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However, when the microchip was scanned by the shelter, the results were negative. There was no way to contact the previous owners of the cat. The shelter took to the social media to find a forever home for the cat.

Violet’s rescuer Michaela Muzzy wrote on Facebook,

She’s very, very sweet and loves to be scratched on the head.

After reading the post, a woman named Cindy Murray responded back. She was very touched by the cat’s story and wanted to take her home. Murray said,

You could tell it was written by a child. You could tell she loved this cat but she just wasn’t able to keep her anymore and she wants her to go to a good home.

Violet immediately started to relax when she found out about her new home. She’s been purring and really happy.

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