Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners, New Study Finds


Amidst extreme views and political polarity, the rivalry between dog lovers and cat lovers is catching heat once again. Often when you meet a person, the question that you tend to ask is if they like cats or dogs.

Being a cat person or a dog person has a lot to do with the personality of a person. This has helped many people to choose their life partners. This loyalty is passed onto generations and shape people’s personality.

Apart from many other choices that are setting boundaries, this one is among the top ones. Studies show that cat people are more intelligent and intellectually curious.

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MindFixers’ founder and The McKeown Clinic’s owner, psychoanalyst Steve McKeown said,

A study of 600 college students that was conducted Denise Guastello found dog people may be more social and outgoing and cat people are far more sensitive and open-minded. It also noted cat owners were no more neurotic than dog owners.

Further, the study proved that cat people are non-conformist and stand for what they believe in. Just like cats, these people like to be independent and confident. Cat people also tend to be more educated.

Yes, your obsession with cats also has to do with your studies. Most cat owners have university degrees. Cats complement their versatile personalities and lifestyle. Cats also know how to keep their hoomans in control. They do not shower unnecessary affection on their hoomans like dogs do. This makes their hooman work for it and know if its’s worth it or not.

A cat knows when its time to leave and simply find a new home. Felines are very independent and they know how to take care of themselves.

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