People Would Rather Hang Out With Cats Than Friends, Study Finds


It’s a fact that many cat owners will put their feline companions above any other friend. Remember that time when you told your friends that you have to stay at home to look after your cat? That wasn’t completely false. Even though you wanted to skip the outing, you were glad that your cat was there with you.

Your cats always come to your rescue one way or the other. It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. But now cats are bringing a slight change to that statement. It’s the felines that are turning into our best friends.

A study shows that if you own a cat, you are more prone to cancelling plans with your friends just to hang out with your cat. Not just friends, some cat hoomans will also be ready to breakup with their dating partners if their cats were not comfortable.

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We know most of you are actually nodding and giggling to yourselves right now. We are all in this together. But when are cats do so much for us, this is just giving them back. Your cats have a unique way of taking care of you. It would be very rude to leave them alone and go out with your friends.

The feline friends are always there for their hoomans. They listen to all their useless banter and try to help them out of their depressing mode. It’s scientifically proved that cat hoomans are happier and less depressed.

Cats provide the emotional and mental relief when our friends are not around. Getting through serious breakups is also a lot easier if you have a cat. So when it comes to choosing between human and feline companions, it is quite obvious.

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