Suffering From A Rare Skin Condition, Cat Goes From Black To White In A Year


How do you tell your pets from the rest? Simply by its appearance, right? But what if your pet decides to change its look all of a sudden one day. You won’t be able to recognize it then, would you?

In 2016, Nicole Bohm adopted two kittens. The little family was living happily in Germany. However, one day Nicole realized something strange about one of the cats. One of the kittens, Elli, started changing its fur color. Born with a black and white tuxedo, the kitty started turning white.

Meet Elli, the cat with super powers to change her fur’s color!

Nicole noticed that a few white flecks started appearing on the cat’s fur. This area used to be black earlier. Later on, the cat was diagnosed with a rare hair and skin condition called vitiligo. This causes loss of pigmentation resulting in change of fur color.

Some cats also experience other medical issues along with this rare hair and skin condition. Elli was lucky and healthy otherwise. The little white specks kept on appearing more and more as the day passed. The kitty had a new appearance after a few months. Within a year, Elli’s fur turned completely white and her appearance changed completely.

Nicole said,

She’s still changing every day, and I love her more and more.

Nicole often posts pictures of the cat comparing them with her earlier pictures. It’s amazing to see how the cat’s fur has changed to completely white from the original black and white tuxedo. Surprisingly, Elli’s cat Rosie’s fur has not changed at all. Even though Elli’s fur has changed, she remains the same adorable kitty at heart.

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