Thai Woman Uses Turmeric For Her Cat’s Fungal Infection, And The Cat Accidentally Turns Yellow


What would you do if you get to keep a Pikachu cat for real? One cat enthusiast from Thailand, Thammapa Supamas, turned her cat yellow by applying turmeric on her fungal infection. You should not try this with your cat and consult a vet though.

Thammapa’s cat was suffering from some fungal infection. So in order to cure her, Thammapa applied turmeric all over her. As a result, the kitty turned yellow just like Pikachu.

Apparently, it was Thammapa’s mother advice. According to her, the Indian spice is a medicinal herb used for treating infections.

Supamas said,

My cat Ka-Pwong had ringworm, we did everything to cure it, but nothing worked. That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric. At first, she painted it on the ringworm but as there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses.

The turmeric worked its magic. But along with healing the kitty, it also changed its color. The kitty’s white fur turned yellow. Even after washing it off many times, the yellow color wouldn’t go away. The poor kitty had become a yellow creature now.

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My cat may not even know it turns yellow now. Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual.

Supamas was glad that the fungus was cured, but she hoped that the kitty would turn white once again.

Supamas even photo shopped the kitty to make him look exactly like Pikachu. The resemblance is totally uncanny.

Ka-Pwong is also waiting for the yellow color to fade away soon. Nonetheless, he looks totally adorable in it as well.

So the moral of the story is think twice before you conduct any experiment on your cat. Even though your cat appreciates everything that you do for them, they may not like it if they have to suffer such consequences. Don’t worry little kitty, yellow or white, we adore you as you are.

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