The Cat Brothers Reunite After Their Owners Fall For Each Other On Tinder


Every once in a while, people seem to be uncovering some uncanny instances on their first date – such as bring born at the same hospital, being preschool classmates, or receiving heart transplants on the exact same date AND at the same hospital!

Born just two months apart, Brian Herrera and Cathleen Cavin both are residents of Bay Area in California and they were born at the same hospital. That’s certainly a coincidence, and so is the fact the both of them have lived in the Bay Area and also attended some same concerts where they did not see each other. However, none of these coincidences combined have a standing against something they learned on their first day back in the summer of 2016.

Allow us to walk you through the background of this story. Two years ago, in the summer of 2014, Cathleen was looking to adopt a cat. She and her daughter, Cali, were keen on adopting two ginger kittens. The two brothers belonging to a litter of six kittens were placed in the same foster home. But their landlord permitted them to only have one cat, so they went ahead with just one cat and named him Ozzie. Over the first few weeks, Ozzie cried piteously. Cali believes the reason was that Ozzie missed his brother.

In 2015, Brian and Cathleen connected on Tinder. After a slow start, they finally set up their first date in 2016. After their date, Cathleen and Brian headed to Brian’s home where Cathleen met an eerily familiar face. You guessed it! It was Ozzie’s brother, now called Butter. However, the two brothers only reunited in 2017 when Brian and Cathleen moved in together.

This was the story of how these two separated brothers finally reunited. If you like Butter and Ozzie, here are some more adorable cat brothers.


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