The “Feline-Five” Personality Model – Which One Is Your Cat?


Do you have a cat and still wondering about its personality type? Well, we have an amazing story for you talking about all the kinds of cats you will ever meet. Maybe now you can tell people about your feline’s personality type. Cats act weird and different all the type. But there is something unique about each of them. A study used model human personality traits to cats and the researchers observed that there are mainly five types of cats. They call it “The Feline Five”.

Here’s all you need to know about the five personalities of cats! This will definitely help you solve all the behavior troubles of your pet fur ball.

#1 Neuroticism (Skittishness)

Is your cat anxious and insecure at all times? Does he act shy and suspicious around people? Does he hide when you try to introduce him to the visitors? In that case, your cat is definitely neurotic.

Neurotic cats usually act shy and weird around new people. They like to be left alone and don’t like to make new friends. They are masters of hiding and you may not be able to find them for days.

If you are looking for ways to deal with such behavior patterns, then you should provide plenty of hideaways to your cats. They will totally appreciate it.

#2 Extraversion (Outgoingness)

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You know how extroverts like to be social and keep themselves busy all the time. So is the case with cats that show this character trait.

If your cat falls in the extroverted category, he may act extra nosy. He would like to be a part of everything you do. You have to entertain them at all times because they get bored very easily. These cats may act destructive when agitated.

Giving them lots of toys and spending large amounts of times playing with them will definitely make them happy.

#3 Dominant

To all the cat owners whose cats are dominant, you will not have it easy. These cats will always do as they like and you may have to pamper them a lot. When we say cats rule the world, it’s the dominant cats we are talking about.


These cats always like to have a little extra. You will find them hogging stuff, be it food, toys or even litter box. They will take whatever they lay their hands on and add to their collection. So if any of your stuff goes missing, you know where to find it.

#4 Impulsiveness

Impulsive cats are not the same as impulsive humans. These cats usually react to something stressful in their surrounding. These cats get easily anxious and react to anything that is familiar. They like to act before they think.

They are spontaneous and you may find them running around the house often. These cats are scared of high noises and will show erratic behavior in such situation. You should have set routines for your cat if he is impulsive. Anything out of the way will raise his anxiety level.

#5 Agreeableness

Just as the name sounds, cats with agreeable personalities are pleasant to be around. They are like the social butterflies who know how to get along with people. So you may not worry about inviting strangers. They will immediately make friends with the visitors and melt their hearts. These cats are very easy to get along.

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