These Animals Have Mastered The Art Of Surprising Their Hoomans


Pet antics are no longer just limited to cute purrs, begging for long walks, or running after treats. They have broadened their horizons manifold with random cuddle sessions, high-paws, quirky sleeping positions, and much more. Even the most experienced pet owners admit that their pets continue to surprise them all the time. Fortunately, we have powerful cameras to document these pawsome moments.

#1 Even my cat has a girlfriend now

#2 We caught him red-pawed

#3 We dare you to show us a better face swap!

#4 Hugs with swan are something else!

#5 “Howdy,” says the cutest cowboy in town

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#6 Oooooooh, big stretch!

#7 There are probably a gazillion pictures of sleeping positions of cats. But this will definitely outdo most of them.

#8 I don’t remember the last time I was alone in my home

#9 This is the kind of surprise I like

#10 Well, he’s awfully comfy sleeping on a desktop computer

#11 We reckon he is trying to sit in a meditating position

#12 He is at the top of his disguise game

#13 The first time that a guinea pig tastes a lemon

#14 Nothing is stronger than the love of family

#15 Pro tip: Do not randomly begin vacuuming at an animal shelter

#16 Have you ever seen a cuter high-paw?

#17 I let my dog choose his own stick for fetch. Can’t say I don’t have regrets.

#18 This doggos paw is like a mini version of himself

#19 I think my coworker’s dog has a crush on me. He’s been staring at me for a good one hour.

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