20 Audacious Pets That Were Caught Red-Pawed


Your pets are carrying out a secret life that you have no clue about. Obviously, they don’t just sit around and sleep when you go to work and leave them at home by themselves. They utilize this opportunity to conduct all sorts of crazy pet stuff. However, the situation often goes out of control.

#1 Seems I intruded on a meeting that I was supposed to know nothing about

#2 What kind of pals do your cats have?

#3 The cat scanner

#4 “Youuuuuu got what I neeeeeed”

#5 My cats have this morning routing where they line up to drink water from the sink. They always wait for their turn.

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#6 Apparently, cats do love baths but pretend like they don’t

#7 This doggo know how to do a Sunday right in Florida

#8 Loki has been a bad, bad boy

#9 “Someone reported my dog to the police because he sneaked out and attacked a deer. I realize the gravity of this but looking at him in the cop car is too much for me.”

#10 The cat has learned how to access the treats from the jar. At least the dog realizes they’re being naughty.

#11 “I swear those are not my paws!”

#12 You can’t leave him alone for 2 whole minutes!

#13 “I ain’t payin for it though”

#14 I caught my cat trying to kill this poor fella

#15 I couldn’t find her, so I called for her and was pleasantly greeted with this

#16 The next Miss Universe

#17 The set is as real as it sounds

#18 The big bedroom crash

#19 Cutest hacker ever

#20 She always comes to greet me at the door when I get home. If she doesn’t, I know something’s up!

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