These Cats Are Unhappy With Their Hairstyle


There are things you should simply never do. For instance, you should never take off your shoes while on a plane and put your foot on another person’s armrest. While you’re at it, another thing you should never ever do is give your cat a haircut. Cats never need a haircut, only humans need haircuts! Cats are best left the way they are naturally. However, there are always people who will do things they aren’t supposed to. Just like the cat owners in these pictures, who couldn’t just leave their cats alone and had to give them a haircut.

We have collected some of the best tragic and hysterical cat hairstyles for our readers. While some of these kitties had to undergo these shavings on account of a necessary medical procedure, others have absolutely no excuse for their poor judgement. Nevertheless, these kitties are here to express how mad they are at their owners and to explain you guys why you should never give your cat a haircut.

If you are running low on your daily dose of laughter, your hunt ends here with these silly cat fur. Now what’s better than some real feline tickles?

#1 The fluff cat is already planning his revenge!
#2 This Dino cat is contemplating your extinction
#3 A DIY haircut gone horribly wrong
#4 A style that just doesn’t work for you
#5 Dealing with humidity for the first time

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#6 The best toupee in town
#7 Real subtle.
#8 This cat deserves a refund from the blowout bar!
#9 How drunk exactly did I get last night?!
#10 Did I just give birth?
#11 NO, this is not algae
#12 Looks like she hit rock bottom
#13 Laugh at me. I DARE YA!
#14 You’d probably like to learn where I plan on shoving this bow!
#15 Oh the mistakes you make at a Bachelor party!

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