10 Cats That Deserve An Oscar For Their Dramatic Reactions


All of us are well aware of the amazing antics of our feline friends that hold a special place not only in our hearts, but also on the internet. They make us laugh without using any words at all, but cat pictures are hilarious and super addictive.

Some owners posted some overly dramatic reactions of their kitties and it has become internet’s hot favorite item. We have brought together some of the best pictures from this collection to tickle your funny bone. Scroll through to rejoice these cat pictures and do not forget to share the fun with friends and family!

#1 She clearly hates rain

#2 She could star in a Nolan movie with such skills
#3 Return of the cat bath

#4 “Never gonna let you go, never gonna give you up”

#5 Are you letting me in or should I break in?

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#6 Well, isn’t this among the most judgmental kitties you have ever seen?

#7 “You wanna share food?”

#8 This is my cat while I bust my ass at work

#9 My cat staring at me as I eat dinner after spilling over his milk

#10 Yes, my cat definitely likes my newborn daughter!

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