15+ Cats Who Get Too Creative While Trying To Get Attention


Just as humans, cats are social beings that enjoy being in the company of others, so it is not unusual for them to crave attention from humans they live with. Our fluffballs could not care less about what we are doing when they want our attention and will ask for it without hesitating. Kitties will sit on our keyboards, yell in our ears, place their butt or paws on our face, pretty much anything that will get them our attention ASAP. There are several creative and smart ways that felines attempt to attract their owners’ attention.

If you have a hard time believing that cats could come up with creative ways to get their hoomans’ attention, these pictures are for you. It’s apparent, how our fluffballs enjoy being in our company and want us to play with them.

Scroll through these amazing pictures and see if you can find moves that your kitty has as well when it wants your attention. Also, don’t forget to share the fun with friends and family!






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Although we may find out cats bothersome when we are actually occupied doing something, we are never tired of them or worse, hate them. Regardless of what they did, we always love our furry companions and end up forgiving them.

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