These Funny Cat Snaps Will Leave The Biggest Smile On Your Face (New Pics)


People sure do enjoy taking silly pictures of their cats. In fact, pawrents love it so much, that a cat litter company commissioned survey revealed that cat owners take on average 7 pictures of their cute kitties per day. PER DAY.

If you also have a furrball of love at your home, you are probably nodding along as you read these statistics, going “yeah, that sounds about right.” Even if you did not happen to click a bunch of pictures of your feline companion today, we are sure you cannot find any picture on your phone without having to scroll through dozens of pictures of your furry friend that you took trying to get that one perfect shot, so it pretty much evens out.

Of the millions of photos on the internet of hilarious cats being jerks, getting stuck in unusual places, and charming their pawrents into letting them nap on their bellies for hours at a stretch – we hand-picked some of the most amazing snapchats exclusively for our readers. And they are sure to leave you in splits!

Scroll down through these amazingly hilarious snaps and laugh out loud! Also, do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!






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These Hilarious Cat Snapchats Will Leave You in Splits (New Pics)

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