These Hilarious Cat Snapchats Will Leave You in Splits (New Pics)


There are hardly dull days in your life when you have a furry friend at your home. Even though they spend a significant amount of time snoozing and lounging around, they are quite unpredictable and you never know what’s coming your way. They just randomly show up and do something funny, cute, crazy or perhaps even something a little evil. But its all good, because we get tons of snaps out of these antics which grab us plenty of attention on the internet.

Snapchat is an awesome tool for capturing your feline’s foibles. Because not only is it a highly visual medium, it allows you to tag witty captions that give an entirely new meaning to the snap. Some of the snaps that we have compiled for you in our list are clearly staged, some perfectly timed, and others are entirely random, but we assure you that all of these are hilarious! These are some of the newest cat-snaps that we have added to our compilations over the years.

So grab some popcorn, and fasten your seat belts because you are in for a rough ride! Scroll through these funny pictures, and do not forget to share the joy with your friends and family!






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