15 Hilarious Vet Signs That Are Relatable For All Cat Lovers


Us cat lovers are a unique group of people. Dog fans enjoy the exuberance and loyalty of their good fellas, but we, the people who adore cats, have learnt to limit our expectations from our feline companions. While a dog owner is greeted into his home with cuddles and kisses from the dog, a cat lover may only be the beneficiary of a brief look from the cat (or maybe not), who will return to licking the paw like his life depends on it. As is illustrated with signs below, if there’s someone who understands the stark contrast between cats and dogs, it is your local vet’s office.

#1 How Punny!

#2 I am answerable to no one, except Princess Fuzzyboots.

#3 Sort of like an average teenager

#4 How they always manage to find the one square foot of carpet space to get sick, we’ll never know!

#5 A fact that has scientific backing

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#6 They won’t quit stretching until you allow them to enter

#7 Speak to your cat about the nip!

#8 You said it sister! I have millions of scratches to prove this.

#9 Well, as long as my insurance HM-eow covers it.

#10 a Universally accepted arrangement.

#11 Hairy, The Wizard

#12 It seems not much has changed since then.

#13 Isn’t that cat-astrophic?

#14 Humorous word-play!

#15 They even crackle, pop, and snap!

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