15+ Pet Owners Share the Strangest Photos of Their Furry Friends


Even though pets have been a thing for a few centuries now, they continue to fill our lives with surprises. Just like animals sometimes have a hard time figuring out what or why their hooman is doing something, we are often left wondering what it is that our pets are trying to accomplish.

Every once in awhile, they seem to do things that leave us awestruck like sleeping in unexpected places and in unusual positions.

#1 Little Lucy wanted to surprise her hooman by putting on human shorts, but seems like she didn’t think it through

#2 My cat met his alter ago in my backyard, now I can’t decide which one to bring inside

#3 This cute guy brings me a sock whenever I am sad

#4 Only after moving into our new home we found the glitch in the matrix

#5 She prefers being held like this instead of being cradled like usual

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#6 He can be strange at times, but always a good boy!

#7 Our dog is not a fan of our new couch and misses the old couch. So, we saved a cushion for her and she would sit on it all day

#8 We bought Mac, our kitten, this lavish $40 bed and found him sleeping quite unusually

#9 Her legs slide out whenever she sits, we affectionately call them her emergency brakes

#10 My dog seems to be planning a Shawshank type escape

#11 My dog enjoying the swimming session as she simultaneously drinks water from it

#12 We are hoping he has a plan

#13 My furrballs showing their concern for me as I bathe

#14 Well, looks like someone fell asleep in the rain

#15 Spring is here alright!

#16 My Pregnant Cat’s X-Ray

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