10 Pictures That Prove Cats Can Be Good Boys Too!


How come it is always the doggos that own the “good boy” title, and cats are viewed as mean and grumpy? Cat owners will agree that even cats, just like dogs, can be excellent well-behaved boys. Kitties have long been termed as evil. It’s about time we make things right and credit our feline friends for their good behavior.

These pawrents took to internet to share with others how good their kitties have been. The cat lovers on Twitter came out in support of those parents and argued in favor of giving cats the overdue credit and conferring them with the “good boy” title just like dogs.

We bring for you some of the best pictures that were shared by pawrents. Scroll through and do not forget to share the fun with friends and family!

#1 My cat giving me emotional support when I felt low

#2 Nurses permitted this cute fella Henry to see her Nona for Christmas, and he spent the entire day on her lap

#3 I have been looking for this stray kitten’s furrever home, but it seems the other cat has said the final word

#4 She spent the day at vet’s, so he’s being an ace big brother. They stayed like this throughout the day

#5 Kodiak (the dog) was afraid of the fireworks outside, so Dr. Pepper (the cat) came to support his friend and laid next to him

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#6 Our new foster kitty has just found a new furrever home

#7 This farm cat is vigilantly guarding the chickens

#8 Office cat to greet each visitor and ensure their comfort at our vet’s office

#9 My grandma fell and Colin, our cat, took care of her (kind of) until the ambulance arrived

#10 Our cat has assumed the responsibility of protecting our son ever since he was born

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