This Cat Looks Super Wrinkly And Evil But Is Extremely Lovable


A hairless skin, wrinkles from head to tail, a grumpy frown, and an icy cold stare has entitled Xherdan, the naked cat, to the title of planet’s most frightening cat! The nickname is quite unfortunate for a species that is quite widely loved and appreciated all over the internet. And while Xherdan the sphynx is unlikely to make you go “aww,” looks are often deceptive. Although Xherdan exhibits a look that presents him as a villain that is constantly plotting evil plans, he is the total opposite. In fact, he’s an utter sweetheart!


Sandra Filippi, the 47-year-old hooman of Xherdan, said it was love at first sight when she first saw the 12-week-old pink, wrinkly sphynx. Xherdan, the Canadian sphynx from Ruti in Switzerland, is now six and a half and turning heads all over the internet.


Filippi is hooman to two more Don sphynx cats. Those two cats are of Russian origin. She stated that in comparison to Xherdan, the other two cats are much less wrinkly, are thinner, and have different eyes. Filippi advices that sphynxes must be kept around other sphynx cats, and if not, they tend to wither. However, Xherdan seems to be taking quite well to hoomans. He’s always by their side and seeking constant attention and cuddles. Filippi shares the Xherdan has a lovely personality, and that he’s almost like a child. Xherdan enjoys eating and napping, obviously. He also enjoys bird-watching, and talking in different pitches.



Sphynx cats are naked, literally. Although it may seem like an ideal choice for people who hate fur everywhere or are allergic catto-lovers, this lack of fur can actually prove to be high-maintenance. Xherdan requires regular baths and basic grooming like nail clipping, and cleaning of eyes and ears. Nevertheless, his unconditional love and playfulness more than compensate for his demanding routine!



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