This Cute Kitty With Dwarfism Will Forever Remain Kitten-Sized


Munchie, the 7-month old catto, is still the size of a tiny kitten. Astonishingly enough, the kitty weighs a meager 1.7kg. He won’t grow any further because of a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism. Munchie is one of the two cats globally having diagnosed with this condition. However, that never stops him from putting a smile on his human’s face because he’s just so adorable!



Munchie was admitted to a veterinary clinic at Wolverhampton back in September 2019. Emily Tomlinson, Munchie’s 29-year-old hooman, also happened to work at the same hospital. Vets seemed to think Munchie was just about 3 or 4 weeks old when the previous owners had left him. Emily believes this was a result of Munchie’s cloudy eyes from bilateral corneal edema, despite the fact that it does not have any adverse effects on the vision.



A lady had found Munchie near the park and brought him to the hospital. Emily fostered him for a week, but she ended up adopting him because no one came forward to claim the kitty. But little did she know, the little kitty will change her life for good.


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Emily describes that all was well until Boxing day, when he suddenly collapsed. He was taken to out-of-hours emergency veterinarians. He was admitted for x-rays, blood test, ultrasounds, and intravenous fluid therapy. His blood test revealed a calcium level of 0.52. Vets were in disbelief, so they re-ran the test. But the test gave same results again! For the next 4 nights, she was at the vets being kept stable and given calcium via IV. Hypoparathyroidism was not on the vet’s mind because the chances of a kitten being diagnosed with it are so rare! We recently however, ran the tests, and discovered that he does have hypoparathyroidism. He will require calcium and Vitamin D for his entire life.





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