Guy Claims His Cat Got His Girlfriend Pregnant


Humans have long enjoyed having pets because they can conveniently put all their blames on them, and the poor fellas can’t even defend themselves. Excuses like ‘the dog ate my homework’ and the cat was the one who urinated on the floor’ are old classics. However, this blame has managed to invite widespread attention and it seems that it really is the cat’s fault this time around.

A popular subreddit has been created for instances just like these where people from around the world share in what unique ways they messed up today. The subreddit goes by the name TIFU (Today I F*cked Up), and the name is quite accurate given the content it holds. When this guy posted a story about how his cat was to blame for his wife’s pregnancy, people on reddit got curious and started to ask questions.

Scroll through to check out excerpts from the thread posted by the user called Playtonic1 and how redditors reacted to his story. Also, don’t forget to share the fun with your friends and family!

The post starts by laying out a little bit of a background for why they did not want to get pregnant so soon

Then, he continues into the main content and explains why he thinks his cat is an evil genius

I guess the guy certainly regrets that they refrained from turning the lights on during their private time in the bedroom

Basically, this is the entire story of how this naughty cat led to a woman’s pregnancy

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This evil genius has invited attention from world over and created quite a stir over the internet because of the big consequence of something she thinks was completely harmless.

The redditors also went gaga over this bizarre incident…

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