“Show Only Very Ugly Pictures Of Your Pets” Hilarious Twitter Thread Goes Viral


Almost every other week, Twitter comes up with a thread relating to our beloved pets that goes viral. It is not surprising given the popularity that these majestic animals enjoy among humans. In fact, at top the chart of animal pictures posted online are cats with billions of them being posted every day. It is only natural given their inherent entertainment quotient and quirkiness.

However, even pets, just like humans, are not always camera-ready and do tend to make errors here and there. They also have some bad angles, and fall prey to a poorly lit room. Focusing on just this, a twitter thread has asked pet owners to share some of the most unattractive pictures of their furry companions. The thread initiated by Gina Zwicky only allows “very ugly pictures of your pets.” The thread almost immediately went viral and people posted some super ugly pictures of their furry friends, and they are not sorry.

We have put together some of the best pictures posted by pet pawrents from across the world here in this post for our readers to have fun with. Scroll through this laughter ride and do not forget to share the joy with your friends and family!






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