This Kitty Pays Surprise Visits To The Neighbor Family Every Night And Has Sleepovers


Most of us are fond of warm weather. All we want is to be outside when the weather gets nice. Our pets also share this love for warm weather. It’s their favorite weather to be roaming around in the neighborhood.

This is exactly what Tigger did when the weather outside got warm and nice. He decided to take this opportunity to meet the neighboring family.

Alex and John, Tigger’s pawrents, leave their door open when the weather is nice to let the warmth in. On a fine warm day, they were spending some leisure time at their home with the door open when Tigger decided on waltzing right in.

Note that they have never met Tigger in their entire lives.

However, they noticed seemed well-cared for and saw the tags that were on Tigger’s collar, that’s when they knew the cat’s name.

The tag is how they also discovered that the cat lives in the neighborhood just a street away.

The couple got in touch with Tigger’s family to have him safely taken back home. However, Tigger had other plans because he had enjoyed his brief visit to the Sanders’ household. He decided it was too soon to end this new relationship.

So Tigger went there again the next day.

In fact, the couple says Tigger often visits twice a day and sometimes has sleepovers too.

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He does not just mess around and gets his snuggle game on as soon as he comes over. In fact, he had snuggled with John in their very first meeting itself. Tigger has formulated a regular schedule for his visits to the Sanders residence.

Tigger’s family has finally accepted that they cannot keep him from doing what he wants, which is having a second family.


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