This Pawrent Decided To Document Those Times When Her Cat Oliver Went Place He Shouldn’t Have


Oliver the cat, lives with Sondra M. and Sunny, a sibling cat. Both Sunny and Oliver were adopted from the Humane Society and are absolutely gorgeous. However, there is one area where they differ from each other. Oliver can be a tad more… independent. He prefers writing his own rules. One of the way in which Oliver accomplishes this is by sneaking to places around the house where he shouldn’t be poking his nose.

Sandra, Oliver’s pawrent, eventually decided on documenting pictures of Oliver’s shenanigans. From the dishwasher to the bread machine, there isn’t a place in the house where Oliver hasn’t been, and these amazing photos reveal this little kitty’s curious nature.

Take a look at where Oliver’s been.

#1 The Silverware Drawer
#2 The Backpack

#3 The Refrigerator

#4 The Dishwasher

#5 The Bread Machine

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#6 The Plant Pot
#7 Under The Furniture

#8 Hiding Among The Pans

#9 Inside The Washing Machine

#10 Inside The Cabinet

#11 In A Box

#12 The Cupboard

#13 INSIDE The Cupboard

#14 Under The Stove

#15 Over The Kitchen Counter

#16 The Bookshelf

#17 On Unstable Surfaces

#18 In Multiple Plant Pots

#19 The Washer Sink

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