Artist Imagines What All Things Would Look Like With A Cat Face – The Results Are Hilarious, And Unsettling


The creator of an Instagram page called Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere) sees cats, quite obviously, everywhere! Galina Bugaevskaya, 29 and from Moscow enjoys photoshopping cat faces on various animals and things. We can’t decide if it’s cute, weird, or hilarious!

Galina reveals that she came up with this digital art idea of merging cats with other things hit her a little over a year ago. From close to 2K fans in October, Koty Vezde has seen immense growth and now boasts a whopping 50.4K followers.

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Galina revealed how shocked she was at the speed of increase in the number of followers on her Insta page. Galina is glad to receive all the wholesome and heartwarming responses to her photo editing, that express gratitude for putting a smile on their face and making their day with these unusual animals.

The artist now dedicates more time to her hobby, as she continues to create new funny cat photoshopped edits on a daily basis.



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Since Galina is a Photoshop Wiz, she wished to share some wisdom with others who are only just starting out. She says that it’s not necessary that you know Photoshop thoroughly for engaging in creativity. In fact, only a few select tools are required most of the time. You do however, become familiar with more tools, as you continue to work and experiment with the program.

Galina also shared some her near future plans. She plans on doing some shops with popular Insta cattos. She expressed that people enjoy seeing familiar faces with an unusual treatment. Moreover, she is also considering organizing an event where the winner will be awarded with ‘mixes’ with winners’ cats.



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