Reporter Can Barely Contain Herself After Her Cats Start Fighting In The Middle Of A Live Broadcast


Live Television is without a doubt some risky business. Firstly, because the script is generally out of the window. Secondly, it turns out the risk multiplies when the reporter is shooting the telecast in the safety of her own home. That is, if the reporter happens to have children or pets who do not understand the seriousness of the job. The audience, however, may end up witnessing some hilarious moments on screen. That is exactly what happened Doris Bigornia’s case.

Doris Bigornia, a Filipino journalist, was going about her business as usual. This one day, she was conducting an interview on Live TV.  Her cats, however, had plans of their own. A 12-second video that took Twitter by storm shows Doris’ 2 cats, Bella and Nala, erupt into a spontaneous fight.

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In 12 seconds, you’ll realize why this chaotic and hilarious video caught attention of people all over the world:


Posted by Nikki Bigornia on Friday, May 15, 2020

After the video went viral on Twitter, Doris tweeted her response: “CHILDREN!!!! There is law in the Studio!!!!!” Her daughter Nikki also took the initiative to show off her cats on social media by posting the video and captioning it “MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL.”

They’re all cuddles – Until they start fighting



Posted by Nikki Bigornia on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Upon further enquiry, Nikki revealed that she actually has 4 cats – Edward, Bella Luna, Simba, and Nala.  Edward and Simba are rescued strays. Bella Luna is a mixed Persian cat while Nala is a Bengal.

Nikki shares that the response to the video is overwhelming. She never expected the video to draw so much attention. But she’s glad her cats were able to bring some happy moments to the world in these challenging times.

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