New Viral Challenge Shows How Differently Cats and Dogs Tackle Obstacles


Do you happen to be a cat person or a dog person? Because for whatever reason, there is an ever-lasting debate as to which group (cat owners vs. dog owners) is correct and which species is better. Prepare yourself, because we seem to have found an answer to this heated argument! A viral challenge took Twitter by storm just recently. It was called “Cat vs. dog challenge” and showed differences among the two beloved pet species.

A video of a cat and a dog’s hilarious competition went viral on twitter


Cats and dogs are seen competing each other in a super funny way in this viral challenge. Each species is made to complete a funny and engaging task with several obstacles thrown in to see how differently they complete their respective tasks. Many pet owners participated in the challenge to show how different both species are, and also that it is immaterial which one is better.

All pets have their own personality and character. However, the challenge showed that dogs and cats have differing tendencies specific to their specifies. The first video shows a little black kitty walk slowly past the products that lie on the floor. The cat attempts to walk carefully to ensure that everything stays in its position. However, when the dog attempts that same task, he does it much more cheerfully and hastily, dismantling the entire setup on the floor. Although, the dog looks pretty happy when he’s done, so it’s hard to blame him!

Other People quickly started to participate


This second video shows a pet owner carefully setting up a giant pile of dominoes. First, it’s the cat’s turn. Upon calling the cat to cross the obstacle course, he is seen to carefully place her paws in the spaces between the dominoes. The cat completes the task, with more dominoes in each successive attempt. The pup, on the other hand, rushes through the course as more and more dominoes fall. But it’s quite difficult to stay mad him when he’s so excited!

People also experimented with different obstacles

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