This Viral Tale Of Feline Romance Will Restore Your Faith In Love


Simon has 9 lives, and he wishes to spend all of them with Theo.

@kenziecoffman, a Twitter user, shared a love story on Monday that sounds nothing short of a fairytale. You see, Simon, her cat, is extremely besotted by aa cat who has been gracing his window in the building right across from his. Every day, he’d wait with utter patience on the windowsill, with an intent to gaze upon the feline that has been occupying his mind.

Separated by their windows and the chasm in between, the most he can do is look into his sweet love’s eyes as an expression of his deep affection, just like a tragic hero of a Shakespearean drama.

But Simon’s human had enough and felt it is about time both these star-crossed lovers were brought together. So, she wrote up a sign that read “What’s your cat’s name?” on her windowsill.

And, fortunately, they received a response from the other said with a sign that read “Hi Simon, I’m Theo, You’re My Best Friend.”

Theo, at first, used an incorrect version of “you’re,” but promptly corrected it. Maybe Theo is not so much a grammar nazi, but what does that matter when there’s immense love?

People quickly fell in love with this tale of modern-day romance, especially owing to the references of Love, Simon, a comedy from 2018 that centered around a closeted gay youngster attempting to identify a classmate with whom he had fallen in love over the internet.

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