Time When Pawrents Snapped Their Cats Sleeping in Unusual Positions, They Just Couldn’t Resist Sharing Them Online


Well, we have so far learned that cats sleep in… oh my, are we really going to do this?, in trees like grape, cherry, pine, alder, in tissue boxes, wine glasses, sinks, terrariums, winter shows, laundry racks, and flower pots – to name a few! Basically, we are pretty familiar with the feline instinct of falling asleep in the weirdest of places.

But just when were gaining confidence and felt we have become connoisseurs of the catnap section, pictures of cats resting and napping together have surfaced online. Pawrents have taken to social media for sharing amazing sightings of multiple felines as they form the most bizarre and weird shapes, as if they have been twisted like fluffy balloons.

Celia Haddon, a cat behaviorist, explains that if humans attempted to twist their bodies like these cats, they would most likely feel uncomfortable or even pain, so humans could never sleep in such positions.

However, we certainly can enjoy looking at these cats as they engage in some wholesome naps with their furry companions. We have compiled this pawsome collection of cats napping together just for our readers, so scroll through and immerse yourself in the world of feline naps. Also, don’t forget to share the wholesomeness with your friends and family!






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