Times When Cats Had Us In Splits


As essential as the internet has been to mankind, connecting all of us in an unprecedented way and summing up all our knowledge and information in a jointly accessible place, we all know its ultimate purpose: cat pics.

Other than porn, hilarious pictures of felines are perhaps the most famous and commonly shared of our guilty pleasures on the internet, and it has never failed to bright up a dull day! There is a unique element to cats that we can’t just seem to get enough of, whether they are being adorable, wet, majestic, or just simply hilarious. Silly cat pics are always in trend.

We at paww have compiled a list of classic cat pictures only for your pleasure, and they are guaranteed to leave you feline fine. Scroll through these amazing pictures and don’t forget to share the fun with your friends and family!
#1 I might as well call all my plans off for the day. Seems I’ll be here a while!

#2 Sandra, you mind letting me in? I have a bit of a situation here!

#3 My cat when he thinks he is alone at home

#4 This kitty looks like she’s always wearing a fancy sweater

#5 My office allows bringing cats to work, so I got him a tie!

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#6 If you’re not going to eat the raw dead birds he brings you, this is the next step – logically speaking

#7 Just felt the world needs to see this

#8 Meet the old feline Kung-Fu Master

#9 My 1.5-year-old son and 14-year-old cat had a moment this morning


#11 Yet another proof that cats are liquid

#12 Smol and smug

#13 The security bag check at the Humane Society was pretty insane

#14 I apologize, mam. I have no idea where he learnt that word.

#15 The Council has spoken!

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