Times When These Kitties Made Zero Sense

CATS! Weirdos that were put on Earth to do strange things.

#1 Like opening the door even though there’s a little kitty door already open

#2 Or covering their head with a paper bag and acting like nothing’s abnormal about it

#3 The wall looks pretty so I’ll just look at it for a couple hundred hours

#4 Oh yeah, TEXTURE!

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#5 Everybody, but cats, loves pancakes

#6 Maybe pickles are a sign of disrespect in the catto world, because why not

#7 They LOVE licking ice. But water, no chance in hell

#8 Who, but a cat, would think of venturing into the tiny space on a full coffee cup

#9 Give me one other animal that would be comfortable standing in this position? Bet you can’t!

#10 It’s so weird that cats always find a place where they should never be!

#11 Papers, apparently, have provided this kitty a lot more comfort than her expensive bed

#12 You either give me attention, or I take your attention


#14 The towel provides me warmth, hooman, suffer in silence!

#15 This cat has taken up a new interest of being inside garbage bags

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