Top Cat Memes – 2020 Edition


Cat memes are all over the place, be it Instagram or Twitter. People cannot stop looking at kitties that are accompanied by hilarious captions that give the picture a whole new meaning. The obsession dates back to the time when memes first surfaced. As with all things on the internet, cats had to be a part of this trend. Since then, internet has been flooded with countless memes of cats and cat lovers never seem to get enough of these amazing memes.

We have compiled some of the best memes from 2020 to put a smile on your face! Scroll through and do not forget to share the joy with your friends and family!






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The internet is a hollow place without cats. Cats are the glue that holds the internet in one piece. Do you own a kitty? If you do, how often do you take his snaps? We bet it’s close to a million. Well, pull your creative strings and throw in some funny captions to see if your kitty can make you go viral on the internet. Evidently, it’s quite a common practice as can be seen from these amazing memes that have been shared by pawrents from across the globe.













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