Tumblr Thread: Human Befriends Cat That Doesn’t Meow


Most people don’t know that cats make the meow sound just to communicate with their hoomans. Apparently, humans can’t hear other sounds that cats make. So they came up with meow to talk to their hoomans.

Every cat hooman waits for the day when their cat meows at them and asks for their attention. But what if the cat doesn’t know to meow. What if the cat is not aware of this method of communicating with their hooman? Then, it would definitely be a big issue for both the cat and his hooman.

One man once befriended a feral cat in a forest. The cat was clearly didn’t know how to communicate with the man. Mainly, domestic cats use meow to communicate with humans. So wild cats may not be aware of this concept.

The man somehow managed to get the cat’s trust who then introduced him to her kittens. It was only when the cat was pregnant the second time and gave birth to her kittens, she got to know that cats use meow to talk to their hoomans. Somehow, that is the only sound that we can hear.

It is truly surprising how cats teach each other this technique of communicating with humans. Without this, both humans and cats will be truly helpless. Cats are truly genius and they always find out a solution for every issue. We will forever be grateful to them for this one.

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The cat mom quickly learned the art of meowing from her kittens. Gradually, she even started meowing to get her hooman’s attention. Similarly, her elder kittens also followed. It’s beautiful and intriguing how cats are so smart. Without their smartness, world would be really a dull place.

For cat hoomans, this is definitely the most satisfying sound in the entire world. Nothing makes them more happy than listening to their cats ask for their attention. Gaining a cat’s trust is a very difficult task and takes lots of efforts. But the wait is always worth it.

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