Beautiful Two-Faced Kitten Stuns Rescuer With Her Will To Live


A litter of three kittens were born in South Africa in December 2017. One of the kittens shocked everyone as she has two faces! The little kitty was born with two mouths, two noses and four eyes. The rescuer quickly took the kitten to the vet and got to know that kitty has craniofacial duplication. These rare cats are also known as ‘Janus cats’.

The vet suggested the rescuer to put the kitty down as there were very low chances of her survival. However, the rescuer decided to take the kitten home and named her Bettie Bee.

As the rescuer put her faith in Bettie, the little kitten also showed her zeal for life and started crawling in a few days just like her other siblings. The kitten’s hooman decided to start a Facebook page for the kitty.

She is thriving, growing like a normal kitten. She has been to the vet when she was one day old. We decided it’s best to take her back for scans etc. when she is a bit bigger.

Bettie opened her eyes after a few days and that’s when her middle eyes started merging together. The kitty received love from thousands of her followers on Facebook.

Watch video here!

The kitty was doing well and she weighed around 200 grams after ten days of her birth. But sadly, she got pneumonia a week later. Her rescuer quickly took her to the vet and did her best so the kitty could recover. Unfortunately, the little kitten passed away. Even though she didn’t have a long live, Bettie lived her best for the little time she had here.

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The Facebook page made for Bettie is still up. Her rescuer wanted everyone to see the kitten’s pictures and videos. This would also help spread awareness about special needs that some cats have.

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