Most Adorable Cat Dads With Their Cute Fluffballs That Are Breaking The Internet


An ancient belief dictated that women tend to like cats and men prefer dogs. And anyone that tried to defy these beliefs was viewed as someone with major gender issues. This is the reason behind the stigma in our society that we see today when men live with cats. It was also a common belief that women should choose men who own a dog rather than a man who owns a cat, but naturally, these theories are baseless.

We have put together some of the most awwdorable pics of cats with their dads. Don’t forget to share these wholesome pictures with your friends and family!










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A man who owns a dog is not trained to work hard for love and tends to chase away to easy catches. On the contrary, a man with a cat earns his cat’s love and is able to understand how to win over women as well. These men are sensitive and caring and love staying home and read their books rather than go to the park like the adventurous dog guys.



















Dating a man with a cat is an amazing experience. Just like their cat, these guys will never bore you and are an ideal addition to your life. Regardless of your stance on the cat man vs dog man divide, a man who is able to connect with an animal to a deeper level is definitely attractive.

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