Video Of Cat Saying “Well Hi” Goes Viral, Watch Now!


Cat owners witness a lot of strange things every day. Felines don’t like to sit in one place. Their minds are always working. When they are not planning to kill you secretly, they are definitely thinking about how to get your attention.

Well, one little kitty has all our attention at the moment. This kitty just said “Well Hi!”. Yes, you read that right. Cats do pretty weird stuff. From staring at themselves in the mirror to bringing you flowers each morning, our felines are truly unique. But actually saying “Well hi!” and that too in a Southern accent is definitely something we don’t witness every day.

Watch this adorable kitty saying a casual “Hi” in a Southern accent!

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Officially known as Gambino Bambino, the kitty focuses on self-improvement. One fine day, the eight-year-old tabby cat finally managed to utter those amazing words. This kitty is truly special. Does your cat also does something amazing like this?

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So what should we expect the kitty to do next? Will we hear “How you doin’?” soon? Or are we just expecting too much out of the cat? One thing or the other, this kitty has proved that cats understand everything we say. They have been denying us only for the sake of their own amusement.

Felines are super smart and we know that. Now, we also have proof! What are you waiting for? Go share the story of this pawsome feline with your friends. Also, don’t start forcing your cat to say “hi”. It’s not a cat thing. Only some super talented felines are capable of it.

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