6 Ways Your Cat Tells That It Considers You Family


Be vigilant and look for these telltale signs which show that your cat adores you so you’re always reassured that she does, in fact, consider herself an integral part of your family.

The Forehead Touch

Although it might last only for a split second, head bunting, or maybe a slight forehead-to-chin nuzzle from your furry companion, shows that your cat trusts you and loves being in your company.

The Kneader

Kneading, also known as the milk tread, is hen your kitty flexes and relaxes the front paws against a soft object. The behavior is originally seen in kittens and it helps them in releasing milk from their mothers. But as they grow old, they exhibit this behavior when they are on something soft and feel content.

The Tail Twitch

Although many consider tail twitch as a sign of annoyance or fear in kittens, it can often mean that the cat is showing affection. While your cat is actually inviting you for an interaction, that play behavior might turn into aggression or wildness, so watch out.

The Power of Purr

This is probably the most known sign of affection from cats which are rhythmic, steady sounds that the cat emits as she inhales and exhales, more commonly referred to as purring. It means that the cat is happy to kick back, relax, and be spoiled by his human.

The Attention Getter

Your cat might often become annoyed when your attention is diverted to other things. She won’t hold back from letting you know that she would like some extra affection by cramming herself into the nook of your arm, or strolling over your laptop.

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The Gift Giver

Yes, it’s disgusting when your cat bestows upon you a gift in the form a dead mouse, bird or other animals. However, in the kitty world, sharing prey is a sign of affection and friendship.

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