10+ Pictures Proving Cats Are Masters of Mimicry, and We’re in Awe


Are you lucky enough to have a feline companion at your home? If not, you are missing out on a lot of gloomy day sunshine. Cats, with the antics, are super funny. They even do yoga poses. Cats are often so good at mimicking their hoomans or other objects that it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from the real thing.

#1 You probably never thought you’d see Dobbie in real life, did you?

#2 The resemblance between Toothless and this cat is uncanny!

#3 Which of the two do you reckon is fluffier?

#4 Feeling like taking a morning stroll

#5 The smartest cat in all the lands

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#6 Meet Batman’s childhood friend, the Batcat

#7 The cat looks scarier than Maleficient

#8 The symmetrical cat

#9 The cat is in cahoots with Mr. Burns as they plan their revenge

#10 Grumpy cat, meet the grumpy starfruit

#11 Meant for each other

#12 Oh, you didn’t know? There are Amazon cats too!

#13 Yoga benefits everyone!

#14 Jabba the Hutt 2.0

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